92 Years and Still Going Strong.

In 1928, William Crossett launched the company when he began a transport service using a 780-gallon tank attached to a Model T Ford truck chassis. The second tank truck was manufactured in Warren, PA and was the first of its kind featuring a 1,760-gallon frameless aluminum tank.

Robert “Bud” Holder, the company’s second owner, collaborated with Mahlon Burgett on
the design of a double conical elliptical tank trailer. Working with local companies, Pennco, Allegheny Valve Company, and Betts Industries, they developed the design as well as a number of new concepts.

Today, Crossett management remains dedicated to process improvement, investment in technology, and collaboration and co-innovation with employees. At each of our locations, employees meet to identify and resolve business opportunities for greater efficiencies and growth. Monthly performance meetings to drive safety performance, company performance and personal performance has us delivering service that is second to none!

The creative spark that started the company in 1928 has created an environment at Crossett where every one of our hard-working team members are encouraged to carry that same innovative tradition into the future.

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If you’re looking for a career with a growing company that values your talents, join the Crossett team. Crossett is 92 years old, privately owned and growing… not a common combination!